Live 8 Coverage

Back to me, then. I’ve been extremely flattered by the feedback I’ve received on my Live 8 coverage. The photos have quickly shot up my most viewed chart on Flickr – positions 2,3,6,7,8 and 9, as well as 11 to 19 – and there are some really pleasant comments. The Bill Gates shot was languishing at 150 views or so until Wednesday, when it suddenly shot up to 650. It must be linked from somewhere, I guess.

I’ve also had some very kind emails about the blog writeups, including one from the London Evening Standard who asked if I’d write something for their letters page. Due to not receiving the email for a while, I ended up with a 45 minute deadline for 200 words. I cobbled something together and emailed it off, then made the huge mistake of re-reading it a couple of hours later; it seemed awful! I got hold of an e-copy of yesterday’s paper, feeling a little guilty about looking for myself when the first 20 pages detailed a terrorist attack. But that’s silly, there’s no point thinking like that. I wasn’t in there, and looking at what they did publish I should have styled it differently. Still, it was still great to be asked!

Many thanks to all the people who’ve said nice things – I really appreciate it!