Channel 4’s G8 Coverage

I was just starting to make lunch in the kitchen, and turned on the news to watch Tony Blair’s G8 announcement. Only Channel 4 was covering it live. The various leaders walked out onto the patio and Tony Blair started to speak, but there was no sound. The newsreaders apologised profusely, and after about a minute or two they started the statement again, this time with the sound present. So he spoke about climate change, aid for Palestine, and the need to combat terrorism. And then came the following:

We stand in solidarity with Africa…and we come to announce a plan to end African poverty

Woo, great. The question is, how far will it go to meet the aims of the Make Poverty History campaign? I waited with baited breath.

Channel 4 cut back to their newsreader.

And you can hear what that plan is on the main news at 1900.

and the bloody programme ended! I ran into the lounge and turned on BBC News 24, but he was just finishing up because of the extra two minutes caused by the C4 sound delay. I should have watched the BBC from the start. I can see why the major news websites are quickly becoming people’s primary source of information.