Explosions in London

Just back from my walk and am hearing about the explosions. Jesus. Just when the week was going so well. The tube’s shut down, buses are suspended, and it’s looking like a lot of people dead. As always in situations like this, I start to worry about people I know down there. It can’t not be terrorism, can it? Hell.

Update 1: For friends, Simon J is fine. Ed’s still on holiday.

Update 2: Join Me is centred around London, and there’s a large forum thread where they’re trying to contact everybody. The BBC website is covering events pretty well, but if that goes down (as it briefly did yesterday during the Olympic coverage) normblog is providing updates, as is the Guardian news blog.

Update 3: The first official pictures of the bus are awful. It’s just in pieces – only the front is still standing. Not that it’s good news, but by all accounts the emergency services have responded superbly. The news is reporting that everybody had their exact job on a card, and the procedures have been effectively followed.

Update 4: The guardian blog points out the Flickr pool of photos from the area. There’s nothing unpleasant on there that I’ve seen yet, but I’d be careful.

Update 5 (1615): They recently announced 33 confirmed fatalities so far. I never thought to look at WikiNews, but ‘their’ (our, really) coverage has apparently been excellent.