Live 8: The Not-so-Great

I won’t dwell on the (very) few bad points of the day, but I do want to mention them.

The only real sour note was Mariah Carey’s act. She walked out to a little booing from the crowd, for no reason that I could see. She then didn’t help herself by generally acting like a diva – she had a lady whose job it was to hold a glass of water for her while she took sips, for example. That didn’t go down well, and when when she started to sing her third song there was very loud booing. That was really pathetic. She and everybody else gave their time for free at this concert. The tickets were free. It was a concert designed to stop world poverty and save millions and millions of lives. If you don’t like somebody, you should just shut the hell up. The only reason to boo anything is if you want to hurt someone’s feelings. How ungrateful, spiteful and childish. I’m told you couldn’t really hear it on TV, thankfully. As you may have gathered, this pissed me off somewhat.

Inside the ParkAlso, you should have seen the mess! There was newspaper everywhere as we were walking in, and by the end it was genuinely difficult to find somewhere to put your feet. Bottles and boxes and paper literally covered the grass. I’m sure this happens at every concert and public gathering, but it’s a little demoralising. I mean, how difficult is it to just put stuff into your bag and throw it away later? The people who cleared up deserve medals.

It was also a bit of a shame that we missed U2 and Coldplay, but I’m sure it was a genuine error of timing and I’m not really annoyed about it. I’ll just have to catch them in concerts, I suppose – such a trial!