Psychiatry is not a Pseudoscience

Just posted the below. I didn’t realise that Scientology and Cruise in particular have quite such a thing about psychiatry and that it’s been covered by people more knowledgeable than me. So feel free to ignore it 🙂

Tom Cruise on NBC last night:

Psychiatry is a pseudoscience.

Firstly, it’s psychoanalysis that’s the pseudoscience. Psychiatry is perfectly reasonable. However, when you find out that he’s calling psychiatry a pseudoscience while simultaneously pushing Scientology, one of the most notorious pseudosciences around, you know something’s a little messed up. In accordance with scientological (?) doctrine, Tom Cruise is claiming that antidepressants are no use. His recommendation? Vitamins. Seriously. Never mind the large body of evidence showing that antidepressants have a significant impact over placebo, and the complete lack of a corresponding body for vitamins.

I know he’s just a film star, but he’s in a position to push this nonsense onto people who don’t know that it’s ridiculous. Argh.