Grand Prix, Phonetically Speaking

The Indianapolis Grand Prix currently being broadcast is pretty silly. Formula One tyres are supplied by Michelin and Bridgestone, with Michelin supplying the majority of teams. During yesterday’s qualifying two Michelin left rear tyres failed due to the pressure leading into one particular turn. Seven others were found to be severely damaged. After reviewing the data Michelin took the decision to inform every team that their tyres were not safe for the race. Michelin offered to have entirely new sets flown in overnight, but that would breach five separate F1 regulations so it wasn’t an option. Despite having a full day to sort out this problem, the combined might of the FIA governing body, Michelin, Bernie Eccleston and the many teams failed to come up with a solution. As a result only the Bridgestone teams are racing, which consists of six cars. One of these is Ferrari, so it’s stunningly dull. The crowd are leaving, and I imagine most viewers have, like me, turned it off.

I have a passing interest in F1, and this is something of a shame. Nobody benefits from this kind of situation. ITV are interviewing many of the team leaders, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard such unguarded comments. They’re not holding back at all, although there doesn’t seem to be any consensus on what should be done to stop it happening again. Ah well, hopefully they’ll learn something from it.