Doctor Who Finale

Well, that was absolutely superb. Do not read any more if you haven’t seen it and would like to. I’d highly recommend you check out the DVD box-set if you’re a fan of great TV.

Small moments from throughout the series turned out to be very important indeed as the Doctor, Rose and Jack fought to keep the Daleks from destroying the Earth. Rose’s goddess-like ascendance was beautifully done, and the “Bad Wolf” explanation was thoughtful and not at all disappointing. Also, the sight of the Tardis hurtling through space toward the Dalek mothership, taking missiles head-on in the process, was very cool indeed.

This was no everything-turns-out-ok ending. Most people died. The Earth was ravaged by Dalek bombs, and every character from the penultimate episode was exterminated. The Doctor, died. And was reborn as David Tennant. It’s interesting, actually. The news of Christopher Eccleston leaving leaked out after the first episode, but now I’m wondering if that wasn’t a clever stunt. David Tennant ‘accepted’ the part a couple of weeks later, but clearly it was planned from the start, unless they filmed his brief scene later. Russell T. Davies – the writer – worked with David Tennant in BBC3’s Casanova, so they knew each other anyway. Christopher Eccleston only ever wanted to do one series, so Russell T. Davies could well have planned the episodes around that and struck a deal with David Tennant to divert the press away from the ‘real’ story. It seems that way to me, anyway.

Much as I loved the plot, acting and story (different from the plot :-)), I admired the moral most of all. Rose’s impassioned speech against passiveness and for making a stand about what’s right struck a chord, and the whole final episode was based around this one idea. The Doctor didn’t destroy the Earth to destroy the Daleks – he was going to die either way, and preferred to hope somebody else would stop them rather than kill all of humanity. I rather liked the anti-religion aspects too 🙂

Thank you, BBC, for producing such fantastic Saturday night entertainment for the past 13 weeks. I enjoyed it very much.