Physics 4 and 5

This morning was something of a mad dash. I was woken at 0700, but unfortunately there was a freak temporal collapse in my bedroom, and in the space of a sleepy blink 40 minutes passed. I have to leave the house at around 0825, and I prefer to shower, dress and breakfast without having to rush. Too late for that, though. A quick shower and rice krispies later and it’s 0815. Bit of a rush, but I’ll try to calm down and get into an exam frame of mind on the way there. I put the tie on, then went to grab my plastic wallet containing the requisite stationery. Except it wasn’t on my desk. Or in my room. Or in the lounge. Or in the car. Oh, bollocks.

It’s now 0825, and I really should have left. I grab my graphics calculator, a pen, a set square and a pencil. I’m not sure whether my TI-86 is permitted, but I’ll have to take the risk. All this time my parents are rushing around looking as well. Jane arrives with Megan, but she hasn’t seen my stuff either. I’m rather cross at this point, mainly with myself for not sorting things out beforehand, and am pissing people off by being short with them. I finally decide there’s just no time, so yell goodbye and walk out the door. Literally at the last possible moment before I close the door, I hear Jane yelling ‘found it!’, and I head back inside to find her looking down the back of my table next to my desk. It wasn’t visible from the room, and I’ve no idea how Jane spotted it. I’d like to blame the dog, but this was entirely my fault. I even remember something falling off at the weekend that I promptly forgot about. So Jane grabs it to profuse thanks from me, and I run.

The road into Solihull is clear until I approach the 6th form college, when it abruptly stops. I stew for a while as the queue crawls past the college entrance, then it cleared. Heading up the hill and past the church seemed to take an age (in case you’re wondering, I wasn’t breaking the speed limit – I don’t do that, ever). I finally made it to Solihull School at 0846, and immediately realised that parking could be a problem. Five minutes makes all the difference when it’s a student car-park. Thankfully there was a space at the far end, and I quickly pulled in then jogged into the school. I joined the tail end of the students heading into the sports hall.

I made it, just barely. To be fair I could have arrived in the next seven or eight minutes without too much of a problem – other students did – but I doubt arriving late would have gone down well with the exams officer who has very kindly been sorting everything out for me. I sat at the desk and tried to get my head in order. Calm down, Andrew. Relax. Get into thinking mode. Use the techniques you’ve been learning at life coaching. Caaaalllmmm. After a few minutes, I was ready.

The exams actually went ok. I caught a break, I think, as there wasn’t any of the tough stuff. No inductance or complicated trigonometry-requiring movement of electrons within magnetic fields. I had trouble with one equation I couldn’t remember, and one particularly nasty question required E = hf, but the value of h wasn’t given in the booklet. Admittedly it’s a fundamental constant I should know, but I don’t see the point in not supplying it.

So I’m happy with how they went. I only have the one physics exam left now – Physics 6 a week next monday. It’s the remaining two maths exams next Monday and Friday, which hopefully won’t be too bad. I’m bloody well getting everything ready the night before from now on! The end’s in sight šŸ™‚