Afternoon Roundup

We’re in desperate need of a new poll, but I’ve gone and broken the plugin, so that’ll have to wait until it gets fixed 🙂 Sorry.

I just listened to the first five chapters of Earth Core, and it seems pretty good. It’s nicely written, at least so far, and has the potential to be quite exciting. I’m looking forward to the next chapters.

If anybody wants a fridge, a set of chests of drawers or Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, do head over to eBay

Why can’t you buy Outlook online? It’s annoying. You’d think somebody somewhere would sell a downloadable version with reg-key via email, but apparently not. I really need a decent calendar program, and now that various services like Plaxo offer internet synchronization, there’s no reason not to go for the biggest and most compatible. I can’t be bothered with ordering physical products, though 🙂