Network Engineering = Not for me

I went down to Henley this afternoon to replace a network cable. The router is upstairs and there’s a cable that runs through the floor, along the top of the wall and down to the computer. This cable died for unknown reasons last week, so I got hold of a 20m replacement. And failed. The hole in the floor was teeny tiny and located under various shelves I had to crawl around to gain access. The hole in the wall downstairs, however, was even smaller, and I just couldn’t get the damn thing fed through. Nobody was around to yell when they could see it, so I was dashing up and down the stairs all the time. There was other cabling…

..Huh, I just this moment realised how I could have done it. Damnation! I could have dismantled the existing network cable from its wall connectors and fed that back through, then attached the new cable and pulled them both down together. Bum!….

…I was going to say “all the other cabling didn’t have enough slack to pull things through.” So, ahem. Glossing over that misstep for a moment, I ended up feeding as much cable down the hole as I could in the hope that at least some would poke out of the other end. You know, this post is becoming one big euphemism. However, not only did this plot not work, but the cable got stuck and I couldn’t shift it.

So that’s how I left things. I’d had to chop the connector from the cable earlier, so needed to go back with a crimping tool anyway. I’m hoping I shall figure out a way to extract the cable in the meantime. We live and learn 🙂