Either way, an exhilarating ride

I was just listening to the Daily Source Code from yesterday. Adam Curry begins his show with an introduction which involves the following phrase:

With 60 million dollars worth of airplane strapped to my ass, and the next generation radio content in my ears, I like to think I’m flying…into the future.

So somebody asked eight other podcasters to record themselves saying that phrase, then Adam had to identify each clip. I was wandering up Rodborough Road listening to the various recordings and Adam trying to guess. There’d been seven versions of the above phrase already, when suddenly the final clip began with:

With 60 million dollars of strap-on in my ass…No wait, what was it again?

It was Dawn of The Dawn and Drew Show, and I couldn’t stop laughing. I must have looked very strange to anybody looking out of their window. But what’s new 🙂