Thoughts Plucked From My Head

I got covered in pooh this morning. Well, not covered. Just smeared. Gross. Meg just can’t keep still when I’m attempting to clear up after her, which resulted in her lead being dragged through it, as well as the bag I was using, which promptly brushed against my clean trousers…and it was naturally quite a slimy one (you read my blog, you get the details 🙂 ). While not getting covered in pooh, I listened to:

  • Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code – A regular feature on my playlist. He’s very entertaining, and plays some cool mashups – today’s (actually from last Thursday) was a combination of S Club 7’s “Don’t Stop Moving” and Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”, which worked far better than you’d think!
  • The Productivity Show – A new show that helps you get yourself organised, although it does assume you know of the existing methodologies (Getting Things Done etc.) already.
  • 5 Minutes with Wichita – I highly, highly recommend this if you want to add a surreal touch to your day – like the title says, it’s just five minutes, and I bet you find yourself grinning
  • In Our Time – BBC Radio 4 show presented by Melvyn Bragg that’s always interesting, although at 40mins there’s sometimes a little too much information to take in in one sitting.

Despite this, I had a particularly happy day. I can’t say why, but I spent much of today smiling. I watched an excellent episode of Firefly last night and woke up still giggling, so that helped. There’s also the fact that it’s only two weeks until my exams are over. But I have a suspicion that it’s mainly down to my life coaching. I’ve been able to do things without thinking that four weeks ago would have had me worrying for hours. I’ve just got to prevent myself slipping backwards, now.

Making good progress on the eBay challenge, by the way. I’ve sold