Bad Wolf

I know I’ve done this for the past three weeks now, but did you see the end of Doctor Who last night? Wasn’t it exciting! If you didn’t see it, don’t read any more. I have it on the tivo if anybody wants to watch it, too.

Last night’s episode also saw the apparent death of Rose, which was very well handled. Captain Jack went crazy while the camera closed in on the Doctor, who looked horribly devestated and guilty, feelings which quickly turned to anger. Christopher Eccleston is very good at convincingly switching from jovial to menacing in a very short space of time, and you honestly thought he was going to start killing people. It turned out that Rose wasn’t really dead, but she is now in the hands of…

Daleks! Thousands of them! Invading Earth! And they can fly! Superb line from the Doctor when the Daleks demanded he not interfere:

“No. I’m going to rescue Rose, then I’m going to save the Earth, then I’m going to wipe every stinking one of you from the face of the universe.”

Or something like that, anyway. I had no idea that the Daleks would be back – it was terrific when I suddenly realised what the first-person perspective closing in on Rose represented. Next week is the final episode, which will hopefully explain the ‘Bad Wolf’ that’s been dropped in throughout the series, as well as having the Doctor kick Dalek ass!