Sleepy Me

Just back from the cinema (Mr and Mrs Smith), but I shouldn’t have gone out really. Having got up at 7, had the exams and taken Megan for a long walk, I was just too tired. I said a couple of dumb things that sounded ok in my head but were a little offensive, and got a bit grumpy – sorry about that, guys!

Just checking out the news before I go to bed…Every time there’s a new Honours list I look for Terry Wogan’s name. It seems weird to me that he’s never received anything, as he’s done a hell of a lot of charity work, as well as more public broadcasting than nearly anybody else still going. I decided eventually that he must be one of the people who’ve turned down honours. Checking the news now, though, I see he’s been given an (honorary, because he’s Irish) knighthood! Excellent, go Terry! I’m not getting into a debate on honours and their worth in society, it’s just something I noticed and think is cool 🙂

Had best be off now before I write anything entirely nonsensical. Night!