Warning: Muppetry

Some days, you shouldn’t bother getting up. The sheer volume of my muppetry boggles the mind.

I had an appointment in Dorridge at 0930, and left in good time. I knew he lived at 264 Dorridge Road (address changed to protect, well, I dunno really, but something tells me not to put people’s addresses online. Although I guess someone does live at 264 Dorridge Road. I don’t know them, however, so I don’t care) and so drove down this main road looking for the house. I missed it on first pass, so turned around and looked again. This time I spotted a large tree at number 268. Great, I’ll use that as a guide. Six passes later I couldn’t find the bloody place, there was something weird going on with house numbers. So I parked in a side street and walked, carrying a large guitar. There was 258…and 260…and 262…and 268. What? Where the hell is 264? It was 0945 by this point and I was a little pissed off. I began to think somebody was playing a trick on me, until I walked back to the car and found that it was in fact 246, not 264. It was a little blessing that there wasn’t a 264, really – last time I made that mistake I got somebody out of the bath, and felt bad all day.

So that was pretty dumb. This was only the start, however.

Back home I had lunch early because of my exams, and while making it I plugged the iPod into the stereo to listen to Coldplay’s new album. The sound was pretty kak, and I was annoyed. I couldn’t work out why it sounded so bad when the headphones worked so well. After all, it was plugged into an amplifer…Little bells rang in my head, and I realised that I’d plugged an already amplified source into another amplifier. That’d explain the terrible sound quality. How to fix this conundrum, I wondered. Surely other people plug their iPods and portable cd-players and stuff into other systems…? I then spotted the ‘aux’ input on the amp, and upon switching to that, things worked wonderfully.

Not so bad as earlier, but it bugs me when I make elementary mistakes like that. I’m meant to know about this stuff, after all!

Next, I drove down to Solihull School, parked up and hung around their sports hall waiting for the exam to begin. I checked the board to find out my allocated seat, and saw that it said ‘4/D’. I wonder why there’s a slash, I thought, then walked down into the main area. All this time my brain is saying ‘are you sure that’s the right seat?’ and I’m saying ‘yes, of course it is, why wouldn’t it be’. This niggling thought kept coming back again and again as I was sitting and waiting. There it was again: “are you sure you’re in the right seat?” except this time, somebody was standing next to me and saying it. I apologised and went back to check. Yes, it in fact said ‘D14’, with a slightly slanted ‘1’. How stupid am I? My subconscious obviously knew full well what was going on, but did I realise? No.

Mechanics 1 wasn’t too bad, but Mechanics 3 was a complete nightmare. I did very, very, very badly – far worse than Pure 3 a couple of weeks ago. I’m thinking my final Maths grade may well be exactly the same as last time. Damn. Anyway, halfway through Mech 1 I spotted that my Make Poverty History wristband had unclipped itself. This in itself was something of a feat, as I’ve struggled to manage this when actually trying. After coming loose, it slipped down my sleeve. I couldn’t very well start fishing around in my sleeve in the middle of an exam, so I just left it. How contrived a situation is that? Like anybody would believe that actually happened. What if it had started tickling? Or caught fire? I probably shouldn’t have been wearing the wristband at all, it could have had equations in braille or something.

Because I’m doing slightly different exams from everybody else I was the only person left in the entire hall by the end – it felt strange having all that space and one invigilator just for me 🙂 I managed to drive home without crashing the Focus, and am now sitting here and not moving for fear of bringing the sky down upon my head.

Despite having such a day, I’m doing reasonably well. I was concerned I’d slip into a mass of moroseness, but that hasn’t happened as yet. I still should have stayed in bed.