Happy Thursday!

I just discovered I left my computer with this on the screen. So that’s good.

Anyway, here are a couple of things that have happened to me over the past few days:

I was looking for interesting podcasts last week and, starting from ipodder.org (I just typed ipooder, which would be a competely different program) I added “The Dawn and Drew Show” to my list of regular downloads, as it seemed to be pretty popular. They’re apparently a couple who podcast from their home. I listened to the first show in which Dawn was away, and Drew was driving somewhere. I admit this didn’t hold my attention for long, and I skipped to something else. A couple of days later I listened to the next show while walking Megan, and it was very cool. Dawn was still away, but Drew was taken on a flight in a Cessna by a regular listener, and they’d recorded the whole half-hour flight. The microphone was jacked into the comms system, so you could hear the air traffic etc. It was fun to listen to; I liked it.

We now interrupt that anecdote for some other stuff.

Mum said this to me on Tuesday:

“We’re out for tea on Thursday – we’re going to the garden centre for tapas.”

Upon further questioning, it turned out that she had actually intended to say those very words. A garden centre is indeed having a tapas evening. Right now, in fact. They’re not even back yet. Dirty stop-outs. Tapas at a garden centre, I mean I ask you.

My car was serviced and had its MOT today. The following was wrong with it:

  • Loose handbrake
  • Broken wiper blades
  • Broken passenger suspension
  • New spark plugs needed

Which cost about