Date for Your Diary

I switched over to using Gmail a few weeks ago, and it’s great. I want to do a better writeup so won’t go into the details other than to say it’s been very successful. As you may remember, Gmail doubled their available space on April 1st to 2GB. That’s a pretty crazy amount of storage, but is great for storing files you know come in handy. The available space has slowly been increasing since that date, too, and today hit 2250mb. So that’s 250mb in 61 days…Therefore, we should hit 3GB in 183 days, which is Thursday December 1st. And we should hit 10GB on Thursday, August 5, 2010. And 1TB on Monday, December 18, 2671. That’ll be worth celebrating.


I’m not sure about this, though…

You are currently using 11 MB (1%) of your 2251 MB.

However you do the figures, that doesn’t work 🙂