Wandering around Stratford

The weather was great for walking around Stratford, and lunch at the basin was great. Chadds, my favourite baguette shop, was closed, but I grabbed a bacon and egg baguette and sat on the grass in front of the theatre, people-watching. The street entertainers and buskers were out for the bank holiday weekend:

Wally the Street Entertainer

Clarinet Busker

The basin was fairly busy:

Stratford-upon-Avon Crowds

Although this particular crowd was mainly due to people watching the boats pass in and out of the lock from the Stratford canal onto the Avon. We’ve had the experience of hundreds of onlookers a fair few times (we used to take the boat down to Stratford and back over the May bank holiday weekend) and I do remember one time in particular in which everybody watched me struggling with the lock gate for a minute or so – I was about 10 at the time – until finally a guy came to help just as I’d started it moving.

[the ice cream van just came by again, so I’m typing this while eating a ’99]


I wandered around town looking at what had changed since I worked there, as well as taking photos of anything interesting.

Funky Motorbike

Unsubtle Sign in Stratford Shop window

Closed + Reason

Sadly I wasn’t able to get a shot of the three guys, who looked like they were on the way to see their parole officer, pushing unicycles across the main bridge. This is possibly my favourite shot of the day:

Confused Family in Stratford

You can almost hear the inner dialogue of the kid. Incidentally, this was taken at full zoom and is still a large crop, so the perspective is fairly flattened. How old do you think the girls on the (far) right-hand-side are? I first saw them while cropping the photo and thought they looked pretty, then realised they could easily be any age from 14-22 and I should really stop thinking that!

I had a fun afternoon, and without spending large amounts of money either 🙂