Man-Bag Hunting

I’ve been wanting a man-bag for a while, now. With summer coming up I don’t really want to be wearing my coat, but I still need to carry around all my bits and pieces. A simple bag with an across-the-body strap would be great, but I’d rather it didn’t look particularly girly. They’re surpisingly difficult to find. Most shops have laptop cases (which are *nearly* there, but are excessively heavy and bulky for general use) and the next step up is a small rucksack, with maybe some briefcases too.

Earlier this week I remembered that my uncle had a cool bag when we were in Paris, so I emailed him to find out what type it was. Turned out to be one of these, which seems pretty much perfect. I had a look at their retailers, and the closest store is Beatties in Solihull. I know that they don’t have this particular model, however, as I was looking at their stock last week. The other major chain was Rohan, the easiest of which for me is in Stratford. So I had a trip out today to pick one up. But, I’d forgotten one thing.

It’s Sunday.

Rohan was closed. Most other shops in the town centre were open, but no other outdoorsy type shops. Damn the church. So after wandering around, taking some photos and picking up a couple of other items I was after, I headed home. On the way out of Stratford I spotted the small retail outlet area next to Tescos, and figured it was worth a look. It had a Matalan, which was a possibility. Actually, though, it was the large Next store that had one of these, which I bought straight away. At