A Flickr Recommendation

If you have a digital camera and want to put your photos online then I strongly recommend Flickr. It’s just so easy that it’s a joy to use. Whenever I take any photos, I copy them onto the computer, edit them if necessary, email them to a special Flickr email address with subject = title and body = description, and that’s it – it’s published and ready to view. I can then go in and add tags and notes if I want, but that’s entirely optional – all the imporant work is done already. Incidentally, that email address means that if you’ve got a cameraphone you can use a Flickr account even more easily than people with separate digital cameras, since you don’t have to transfer anything to the computer first.

If you were to ask me why Flickr is better than other online galleries I’ve used I’d probably have trouble telling you. It Just Is. It’s neat, well-organised, everything works so very well, and there’re all kinds of small things that come in extremely handy on rare occasions. For example, if you go to ‘All Sizes’ for your photos, they provide the HTML needed to link to that particular photo. Sure, it’s easy enough to get the photo URL and write the code yourself, but having it right there and available saves 7 seconds or so, is surprisingly helpful and stops the process feeling like a fuss. The previous post was extremely easy to put together using the HTML links, but I could have just hit the ‘Blog This’ button and had Flickr link into my blog and produce a post for me – that’s exactly what happens with moblog shots from my phone, I email them to Flickr with ‘2blog’ at the end of the address, and it does everything else on its own.

Cripes, it’s nearly 1800! How did that happen? There doesn’t seem to be much on TV this evening so I may nip into town and see Millions. Nobody else seems very interested, but I think it looks great!