The Doctor Dances

Just watched the conclusion to last week’s Doctor Who, and thought it was superb. The excellent Russell T. Davies is the main writer on the series, but if Steven Moffat’s name doesn’t appear again on the credits I’ll be very surprised. His double episode managed the rare feat of having a completely self-contained, coherent and surprising plot. There were no ghosts in the machine or unlikely coincidences. Every problem’s resolution was foreshadowed (there’s a technical term for this, but I’m damned if I can think of it just now) such that it made sense, but was subtle enough that you didn’t figure it out in advance. It was also dramatic without being silly or over-the-top, as well as rather touching. The dialogue was wonderful, too:

“Back to your room!” says the Doctor, which temporarily disperses the attacking aliens (which sounds silly, but made perfect sense in the context of the story)
“I’m so glad that worked, those would have been terrible last words.”

If I ever write something that succeeds in all areas as well as this episode, I’ll be very proud.