wongaCast #1

When you go around to Nod’s house for a games evening with a newly purchased iPod microphone, there’s only really one thing to do. And that’s record the first wongaCast! For the uninitiated, a Podcast is a downloadable audio show. This is not worthy of the word ‘Podcast’. If, by any chance, you’ve happened across this page searching for new Podcasts, you’re unlikely to understand a word of what’s going on unless you know me. It’s about one minute long and can be heard, in full and unedited (as will become apparent), here:

wongaCast #1 – 27/05/05

I should point out that the guessing game involves me acting out the word in question. Also, the word ‘inaugural’ appears much more than it should do. What can I say, I was excited šŸ™‚