FeedMap (or BlogMap, depending)

I’ve just added a BlogMap to the blogroll – it’s right down at the bottom if you want to have a look. It’s quite an interesting idea that uses GPS coordinates to locate blogs, and displays them on a map so that you can see nearby bloggers. There aren’t very many around here, apparently…Closest is in Acocks Green (no apostrophe). The site uses Microsoft MapPoint instead of the wonderful Google Maps, so isn’t quite so versatile as the GeoBlogging system, for example. Also when I first added my site using GPS co-ordinates it located me in the centre of Yorkshire, which was chilly, and I had to email to get it set up correctly. Still, I like the concept. I imagine there’ll be people who wouldn’t want to put their GPS location on their blog, and I thought twice before realising I was heading down the well-worn path of privacy paranoia (don’t get me started.)