Pure 1 and Pure 3

Back in October, I planned to study for my 2 A-levels and be completely prepared by this May. It didn’t really work that way. With computing work, my lack of willpower and the newly found distractions of flickr, bloglines, eBay etc. (I’m not claiming these are valid excuses, just reasons), I haven’t been as diligent as I would have liked. I got through all the work, but revision has been lacking, to say the least. Pure 3 was my biggest worry as first time round it was my big spectacular failure, and I was hoping to walk out of the exam having found it reasonably easy. I didn’t, but it could have been worse.

At 0930 I was pretty much ready to give up on life and go live in a forested kennel. P3 was very, very hard, and to make it worse there were questions I knew I’d once understood, but couldn’t remember. About 20mins later I had a bit of a breakthrough, thankfully, and in the end I managed to complete four questions and attempt three, out of a total of eight. The other question was on vectors and wasn’t worth too many points. The last time I took P3 resulted in a U, but this time definitely went much better – hopefully at least a D. If I work on the other maths exams I’ll hopefully be able to deag my overall score up somewhat.

P1 was far, far easier, and I’m hoping I did quite well. I got stuck for 10mins on the final question due to muppetry on factorising (don’t ask) and didn’t quite finish, but that’s only a couple of points lost.

I’m very, very relieved that P3’s done. So very relieved. Very, very, very relieved.