Birthday Roundup

Thanks for all the gifts I received yesterday! I now have Trackmania: Sunrise, which is definitely the craziest car-racing game I’ve ever played, as well as a doubling of my computer’s RAM, Scene It and Things my Girlfriend and I have Argued About, all of which are great.

People at the party last night will have noticed I made a few cracks about Kate. Sorry about that. She was just on my mind as I was wondering whether she’d get in touch in any way, which she didn’t. Thankfully it didn’t upset me like at christmas, since it’s what I expected. Still, I do wonder quite what I did to justify this. I quite often start down this track and it ends up with me deciding that either she was pretending to like me for the whole time we were going out, or I was the worst boyfriend in the history of everything ever. So I’m going to try not to think about it any more; it doesn’t do anybody any good.

Mum and I hit Birmingham for most of yesterday and I picked up some clothes and various books. I resisted the temptation to buy an iPod, too. I actually walked into the sleek and shiny Apple store, which is a first for me 🙂 Selfridges is a strange place. I rather like the controversial outside, but couldn’t find much inside that was very interesting. Like other department stores the clothing area is divided up into brands and I’m not sure whether Selfridges runs them all or if other companies are buying the space. It was expensive and cliquey, and we only stayed for about ten minutes. I’ve been told it’s a great shop for shoes, however 🙂

Plan for the rest of today: revision. Plan for Saturday: revision, then the Eurovision Party!