Still 21

Ah hell, it’s my birthday tomorrow and I’ve hardly thought about it at all. People have been asking me what I want for weeks, to which I said I’d get back to them, then didn’t. Sorry about that, guys. My parents haven’t had any joy either, if that’s any consolation. I haven’t particularly thought about what I’m going to do, even. I’d rather not spend the day revising! I’ve a cunning plan for the evening, though…

I would like to inform you all that Fiat Majani chocolates are the height of confectionery-induced joy.

Had my second meeting with the Life Coach today. She’s really very insightful, and I don’t have to say much before she’s figured out what the problem is – I’m most impressed. She’s helped me figure out a few things, and has given me some ways to start feeling better about myself. I’m going to do my best to put them into practice this week. And, as it turns out, today’s a good day to start.

Right, West Wing time. Night!