I’m a Walking Garden

In possibly the most uninteresting beginning to a blog post ever written: This morning I put on a pair of nice clean jeans.

Bear with me.

I have been revising for much of the morning, yet as of 1300 these trousers are covered in drool, mud and grass stains. Guess whose fault that could be. Mad animal 🙂

Update: Megan also claims responsibility for the SullyCam showing a close-up of the carpet all morning.

Update 2: She cannot, however, accept responsibility for surreptitiously adding a tube of cleaning wipes to the image. Megan simply wouldn’t be so gross. No, that is entirely down to my father. Right, this calls for revenge.

In other news, it turns out that tomorrow’s physics practical will have very little, if anything, that relates to materials physics. So that’s a relief. I should have realised straight away, but I panicked somewhat. Once tomorrow’s exam is over I’ll be concentrating on Pure 1 and Pure 3, which are both next Monday. Pure 3 is the exam I’m worried most about, and while I don’t think I’ll do brilliantly I’m hoping to get at least a C-equivalent.