Early to bed, early to rise

I’ve expressed my love of Scrubs before, but I’m going to do it again. It’s just the best sitcom around, I think. I’ve said before that it’s expert at changing tone, and an episode on Sky last week went from very funny to terribly, terribly tragic in about half a second, without being cheesy or over the top, and kept coming to mind for the next couple of days. The show’s very much on my wavelength (“I missed that, son, I was thinking about soup”) which could explain it. I think it helps that all the characters are actually decent people underneath, as opposed to a fair few sitcoms where they’re pretty unpleasant. Maybe I’m a sucker for idealism, but I just enjoy the show so very much 🙂

I’m going to bed now. Well, I’m going to lie in my bed now. I have a Desperate Housewife to catch up on (steady), but after that I shall attempt to fall asleep in preparation for getting up at 0700 tomorrow. It’s terribly unlikely as I haven’t fallen asleep before 0100 for months, but I’m damn well going to try anyway.

I’ll let you know how the exam goes. Hopefully the post won’t consist solely of sobbing.