New BBC Weather Maps

Anyone seen the new BBC Weather displays? They’re cool! You can see where rain / sun / clouds are predicted much more accurately than before. I always felt a bit sorry for Wales, which generally had just the one logo overhead. Now you can see small pockets of cloud and rain appearing as the hours go by. Once I figured out that light = sun, shaded = cloud, I could see what was going on very easily.

Hopefully they’ll be able to use the new technology to compare these maps with the actual results, so we’ll be able to see how accurate it is. I’m not making any sly references there – I studied some meteorology briefly and sympathise hugely with anybody who tries to make any predictions! When chaos theory comes into play, you know you’re dealing with some complex systems. Incidentally, the computers than power it are ‘standard’ desktop machines:

  • Dual 3.06GHz Xeon Processors (533MHz FSB / 1MB cache)
  • 2 GB Dual Channel DDR 266Mhz ECC SDRAM
  • 2 SCSI 73GB (15,000rpm) hard drives
  • Ultra 320/M SCSI Controller Card
  • NVidia FX6800 Ultra 256MB graphics card

Damn, apparently my computer wouldn’t be up to displaying the weather map. This calls for an upgrade.