Last-Minute Cramming

My physics AS consists of three exams. The first is on “Mechanics and Radioactivity” and the second is “Electricity and Thermal Physics”. The third unit is a choice between Astrophysics, “Solid Materials”, “Nuclear and Particle Physics” or “Medical Physics”. When I went to Solihull School back in March, he asked which option I wanted. I said that I’d prefer particle physics, but astrophysics was fine too. He said he wasn’t sure they did the former and he’d let me know. I received the final timetable last week after phoning up and chasing it.

So I was lying in bed this morning, and it occurred to me that I didn’t actually know which option I’d be sitting. I’ve just checked, and it’s solid materials. Great. I haven’t learnt that. Physics 3 consists of a practical and a written paper, and the practical is this coming Tuesday. So that’s this afternoon sorted, then 🙂