A Dancing Dilemma

And to end this afternoon’s posting triptych, some mutterings from me.

I had a dream last night which involved Angelina Jolie and naked water-skiing. I know this happened, but I can’t remember a damn thing about it! Not fair!

Dancing last night was entertaining. We first went over our existing steps in the jive. Lynsey and I were spinning away when the couple next to us said:

Wow! They haven’t taught us that one, well done!

Lynsey and I laughed politely and attempted to carry on dancing, when they continued:

How did you learn how to do that?

We’d have been happy to tell them, had we actually been doing anything new. So we muttered something along the lines of ‘oh, well, we don’t know, it’s just, kinda, something we do…’ and thankfully they turned away.

A couple of weeks ago a man joined our class, and he could accurately be described as flamboyant. He swings his partner around very quickly and takes very large steps, and when on his own continues to hold his invisible partner. Because he moves so fast he’s always in the way, too. I’m sure he’s a perfectly pleasant man, but he just seems rather slimy. In fact, a lot slimy. Like, David Dickinson slimy. I don’t know what it is, it’s just mildly creepy. Incidentally, why is it that women flock to him like bees to a honey-pot, as Lynsey put it? Thankfully she’s not fooled 🙂

Jolly Red GiantAnyway, towards the end of the evening Lynsey and I were practicing the waltz, when suddenly I felt an hand grab my arm and push it upwards. I looked around to see that the aforementioned Captain Sachet had hold of me.

You’ve got to lift your arm more.

I was a little taken aback, and said something like: “oh?”

Nice shirt, by the way [strokes my upper atm]. If you’re going to wear a shirt like that then you need to hold your arm higher.

Now I really didn’t know what to do. I think I said “thanks” or something similar, and he went away. Was he implying that my shirt was camp? If so, I disagree. In fact, since I’m wearing the same shirt today, I’m going to prove it. You can see it in the photo. What do you think of the campitude of this shirt? I disagree as to this shirt’s membership of the tenting fraternity, but others do not. Tell me, is this shirt camp?