Exam Timetable

I’ve had word from the college, and my exams are officially as follows:

18th May:
Physics Practical 1

23rd May:
Pure 3
Pure 1

25th May:
Physics Practical 2

7th June:
Mechanics 3
Mechanics 1

10th June:
Physics 1
Physics 2
Physics 3

16th June:
Physics 5
Physics 4

20th June:
Pure 2

24th June:
Mechanics 2

27th June:
Physics 6

Graphically, June looks like this:

June Exams

Although there are a couple of nasty days, it’s not as bad as it could be. Pure 3 is early, but I’ll be devoting all of next week to that. Then there’s a decent gap before Physics starts properly. It does occur to me that I have no idea what actually happens in Physics practicals, mind, and my first one of them is next Tuesday!