Timing is Everything

This morning, in a Life Coach’s reception hall:

Andrew: Can I pay by card?
Receptionist: It’s cheque or cash I’m afraid
Andrew: No problem, a cheque’s fine
[opens cheque book and bends down to write]
Andrew (by way of something to say): What’s the date?
[Andrew checks watch for today’s date]
Receptionist: The 10th
[Andrew pauses, then continues writing. Hands over cheque.]
Andrew: Thanks very much, bye!

This afternoon, in a Henley office-building:

[Andrew is attempting to fix weirdly broken network]
[While waiting for DHCP to kick in, Andrew’s mouse hovers over Windows clock. The date appears]
[Andrew bangs head into desk.]
[For Andrew’s watch says it is the 9th. Andrew, for no apparent reason, decided to believe his watch over the live human being standing in front of him.]
[Not only does this mean he wrote the wrong date, despite having been told the correct date only moments before, in the reception hall of his Life Coach, but his watch must also have been wrong for all of May!]