Life Coaching – 2

The life coaching went well, I think. The lady was very friendly and easy to talk to, which was a relief. Her leaflet describes the introductory session as ‘where we talk about your history, your current issues and start defining what you want your life to look like’, and that’s what we did.

It’s surprising how different it is talking to somebody impartial. I’m fairly open with family and friends (and the whole world, if they read this blog) but there are always behind-thoughts about what you can and can’t say. Not unpleasant, you understand, but because I might be worried about seeming like a bad person or something I’m nervous about is related to them in some way – that kind of thing. Being able to say whatever and knowing you won’t be judged for it is very freeing.

We went over various aspects of my life and tried to narrow down the areas in which I’m having problems (that turned up some surprises, actually.) As you may have guessed, we’re going to work on work / career plans, as well as my self-image. She gave me some advice which I’ll attempt to put into practice between now and next week.