Life Coaching

After seeing my posts last Wednesday, all the women in my house decided it could be a good idea for me to talk to a Life Coach, and I’m now booked in for a two-hour session tomorrow morning at 1000. Here’s how the leaflet describes the basic idea:

Coaching is an extremely powerful method of helping people to achieve whatever they want in life. It helps them to attain extraordinary results and far faster than they could alone.

So far, so much marketing. The ‘How does it differ from counselling?’ section sheds some light:

Coaching is future orientated and although touches on the past, it is predominantly focused on creating a better future. It is very practical in its approach, as it involves proactively planning specific actions, which will enable step changes to be made. Progress is often rapid and hence can be fairly short term.

So that helps a little, and it does sound to be exactly what I need. I was a little concerned when I spotted that of the four companies in the building, the other three specialise in osteopathy, homeopathy and acupuncture, all of which are pseudoscientific and have yet to be proven to have any effect when compared to a control group. It’s your basic quackery, in other words. However, the wikipedia entry for Life Coaching says the following:

Life coaching is a constellation of techniques utilized by a growing coterie of counselors to aid their clients in transitions in their personal life and in the process of self-actualization. Life coaching draws from a number of disciplines, including sociology, psychology, career counseling, and numerous other types of counseling. The coach, or counselor, applies mentoring, values assessment, behavior modification, behavior modeling, goal-setting, and other techniques in assisting clients.

So there is at least a structure, and it doesn’t seem to be totally founded in nonsense, unlike, say, psycho-analysis. The Canadian National Review of Medicine doesn’t seem to mind it, either. I’d like to see Penn and Teller’s take on it (series 3, episode 4) but it probably hasn’t aired yet.

It may be that talking things over with somebody objective will help in itself. I’d certainly appreciate any help, and if she really can do what she says she can then it’ll definitely be worth the money 🙂

I don’t want to give away her techniques, that wouldn’t be fair, but I’ll report back on what generally happened.