Huh, is it morning already?

Ooh look, sunlight. Ahem. 0230 nights really aren’t good for me!

So, it looks like the BBC exit poll was pretty much correct. Funky. A smaller majority was expected and shouldn’t really do that much harm. Shame about George Galloway, though. This is the man who stormed out of ITV news earlier this week when they asked him why he’d shaken hands with Saddam. Still, no major upsets other than that, and Kilroy didn’t win 🙂

It’s interesting that the Conservative share of the vote hasn’t increased at all. So what does Michael Howard do now? Had they not won all the seats they did, with the same voting numbers, he’d definitely be out. But they did, so what does that mean? Fascinating.

I shouldn’t think Tony Blair will step down straight away, but I think it must happen within two years. He said this election campaign would be his last, and it wouldn’t be fair to hand over to somebody else (hmmm, wonder who) without giving them enough time before the next election. On the upside, knowing he’s going might mean some interesting policies coming up in the near future. Nuclear power, for instance.