Having a bit of a Blondie thing today – be warned. Anybody else see Ian McKellen in Coronation Street? It was rather bizarre. I still want him to turn out to have three midget companions.

Susie and Jeffrey were going to get married.

I’m happy this evening as I got a fair bit of useful work done this afternoon. Had a weird morning, mind. I gave in to Daisy’s bambi-eyes last night and let her sleep on my bed. She woke up at around 0700. Screw that. I fed her etc. and went back to bed, then slipped into snoozy-dozy-woozy-land for 4 hours. Kept having short little dreams about utterly bizarre situations, then waking up, then having the same kind of dream but slightly different. Ugh. I hate that. Maybe I need one of these.

Love is so confusing there’s no peace of mind.

Ooh, Indiana Jones is on. I’m going to watch the DVD I think – extra points if I frighten the neighbours. Hmmm, I notice that my I, Robot rant yesterday came periliously close to a review. Sorry about that. You know a film isn’t going well when you find yourself composing the blog post before it’s even finished. Damn, that sounds really pretentious. Drinking two glasses of Coke and eating half an easter-egg probably didn’t help.

Oh, your hair is beautiful.