They, Robot

So, you want to make a film about robots. That’s great, robots are cool. You want to make a film about killer robots. Also fine, this has the makings of a great action flick. You want to make it kinda nonsensical. Not a problem, plenty of films are nonsensical but entirely enjoyable. You want the underlying themes to be anti-technology, anti-logic and anti-intellect, as well as having various thinly-veiled religious notions. Not so keen myself, but hey, plenty of people will still enjoy it. But given all of these things, why oh why would you decide to base it upon the complete antithesis of these ideas, and incorporate Asimov’s three laws of robotics? Why? Asimov wrote hundreds of stories in which he pushed, pulled and manipulated those rules as far as they could go, and in none of them did he ditch them when he felt like it. I find those stories completely fascinating and consider them some of the best sci-fi I’ve read. Why use them in a film, then just fudge about with them for the plot? Why? It would have been perfectly fine if you hadn’t done that. Really it would.