A Quite Spectacular Failure

I’m still trying to fix the server here, and it’s going from bad to worse. Testing last night produced no response from the power supply, so I swapped in a spare. It was of a much lower wattage than the previous one, but I figured it’d be ok. I’m wondering if that was a mistake, though. The server eventually booted up so everybody could check their emails, but it was running very slowly. I decided to go with it until I could get hold of a new PSU, so shut the PC down to tidy up cabling etc. And it hasn’t worked since. On restart, the computer didn’t complete the POST. In fact it got nowhere near; it displayed the bios name and stopped.

I gave up at this point last night as I was as likely to plug myself into the mains as fix any problems. This morning I transferred the hard drive to my computer, so that Mum and Dad could access all their data. And the hard drive has also failed. Well, there’s no file system on there and even the-always-wonderful Restorer 2000 is having terrible trouble extracting any data.

At the moment I really don’t know what’s happened. I’ve run an Athlon XP from the low-wattage PSU before, but what would happen if the computer needed more power than it could provide? Could that kill components? Or, could the old PSU have died spectacularly, sending a power spike into all attached components and somehow letting them run one last time?

And now my carefully configured backup system is claiming not to have archived an important directory.

I should have stayed in Paris 🙂