Comeback Special

Phew. I’m back after a weekend that could charitably be described as breakneck. Twas fun though – I shall write it up soonish. I’m glad my flickrblog pictures came though ok too. I took an entire memory card’s worth of photos with my real camera (despite having a compactflash card die on me on Saturday afternoon) so they’ll be flickrified before too long.

As ever when I leave the house for more than ten minutes at a time, our server’s died. So I can’t check emails yet. It looks like another power supply has blown up (tripping the downstairs power in the process), but it’s too early to say for sure. Just fixing up the really quite gross porn spam over on the Joinee Wiki, then I’ll be onto the server. Then I may write something up, but more likely I’ll crawl upstairs and sleep for a day or two.