Thought Roundup

Beginning mind-dump now.

  • Mandrake has gone. I am now sad. He grew to full size in front of me and has now flown the web. I feel so paternal.
  • Coronation St is pushing things a little, isn’t it? An entire family is being dismantled, so far by means of one murder, one suicide and an imprisonment. It’s not the most cheerful show to be watching at the moment. It’s perhaps more depressing when the advert breaks are crammed full of plugs for Hell’s Kitchen and Celebrity Wrestling, mind. Is it me, or are ITV completely losing the plot?
  • All my eBay items sold! I’m now officially into profit. Woo.
  • Bloglines is now picking up the BBC newsfeed fine, but there’re still no LiveJournal updates
  • There are a couple of new additions to the blog, most notably gravatars on comments. What do you think of them? I don’t know whether the default monkey will stay – I may alter it to only display images for people who have them.
  • Off dancing tonight where we’ll hopefully get more information on the promised dancing weekend, which sounds very interesting.