New Hotness From flickr and Google

Yahoo purchased flickr last month, and today the flickrblog has news of the first benefits from this deal. It’s very cool, actually. Standard users have double the capacity and bandwidth – 200 photos and 20mb/month respectively. Anybody who, like me, purchased a pro account before yesterday gets a similar doubling of bandwidth up to 2gb / month. They also get a free year’s extension on their account as well as two free pro accounts to give to anybody they wish. Very interesting and much appreciated – thanks, flickr!

Google Maps and Google Local today launched in the UK. I’m happy to say it works just as well as the USA one, with a local search for ‘pizza’ finding all the local procurers of said delicacy as well as pinpointing them on the map. Google SMS is apparently also working in the UK, so if you’re standing in York you can text ‘’ to 64664 (6GOOG), and receive locations for the nearest Starbucks etc. That could come in really handy! UPDATE: The wallet-sized tip sheet is probably worth printing off, too.