Feeding Frenzy

I’ve altered the site’s RSS feed a fair bit this evening, so please let me know if you notice any problems. The feed now goes via FeedBurner, which has a fair few advantages including more information in the feed as well as letting me see stats on readers. The old feed link should still work fine, so you needn’t change anything. I’ve added a more visible XML link to the banner, as well as a bloglines subscribe button. For the moment I’ve removed the Make Poverty History banner and replaced it with a (not as good as it looked in photoshop) button, as the banner was blocking any links underneath it. I’m hoping to find a way around that, though, as I rather liked it.

I use Opera to manage my feeds currently, but I’ve heard good things about bloglines. Today I finally got around to setting up an account and I’m quite impressed so far. There was nothing wrong with Opera’s implementation, but a web-based system would be easier to manage generally. Particularly when transferring settings around etc. Bloglines is currently handling my 80+ feeds with aplomb and I may well move over to it. I particularly like that it’s really fast. They also have a notification utility that sits in the taskbar, but it’s…well…not terribly useful. I was hoping it would say which feeds have been updated, but it doesn’t. Maybe there’s a way to set that – I haven’t really played around with it much.

See, I’m slowly catching up with the services everyone else was using years ago 🙂 Gotta learn about this new-fangled intarweb thingy.