Go Jack

Bit better today, although pretty lonely. That always happens after seeing Kate, though, and normally fades after a day or two. I did manage to get a lot of things done that have been outstanding for a while, so that’s good. I’ll upload a picture of my newly reorganised desk tomorrow, and you may want to prepare yourselves for a shock: there’s actually wood under there.

I really have to knuckle down to studying, starting tomorrow. Because the maths has been increasingly difficult recently, I’ve been getting disillusioned and taking every opportunity I can not to work. Which is dumb. I’ve been trying to kick myself back into gear, and a fair few things have come to a natural end over the last week or two, so I’m going to grab the opportunity. If I don’t really try then the period of self-loathing I went through after my first a-level results will be nothing in comparison (and those of you who remember that will appreciate my reasoning 🙂 ). So it’s going to be six hours solid working per day, until the exams are over. I’ll still be blogging in the evening etc., but there’ll be less from me for a few months.

Just off to watch the final episode of 24, series 3. I’ve had at least three close calls at seeing clips from series 4 over the past week, and I don’t want that as I need only see a face to know who lives and who dies in s3.