Late Night Lucky Dip

Had an interesting political discussion earlier. It’s fascinating to see the varied opinions even within a small group of friends. I’m surprised we didn’t get all out war when somebody made the innocuous comment: “I’m guessing everybody here would vote Labour?” I’m going to 🙂

I put some new ebay items up earlier today. Hopefully I’ll have a little more luck than last time. I’ve added gallery images and set a lower starting price. The gallery images cost an extra 15p, but I’ll stretch to that.

Anybody see CSI: Miami yesterday? The final advert break contained a preview of the following programme, which was footage of a penis-extension operation. They showed a full-on clip of the procedure. I don’t object or anything, but that’s a fairly brave thing to do in a preview. I guess that anybody watching CSI: Miami will be used to graphic scenes, but there’ll undoubtedly be complaints.

Things I’d like to talk about but haven’t gotten around to:

  • The BBC today launched their Creative Archive license, which is quite stunningly cool. I’m not really sure where the world’s heading at the moment, what with copyright laws becoming tighter and tighter while information is becoming increasingly free.
  • I was very entertained by this MP (oop, can’t say that any more – how about ‘wanabee MP’) who criticised new speed cameras on the M4. Long-time readers will know that I buck the general opinion of these devices, and it was great to see him get totally smacked down by logic.
  • You can create your own Conservative Party poster here, with your chosen phrase in handwritten letters over the ‘Are you thinking what we’re thinking?’ tagline. I just left it blank. There are some not very polite real-life poster alterations here.
  • This site attempts to end ‘Beg the Question’ abuse. Good luck with that.
  • This is supposed to be the world’s ugliest car. I think it’s cool. I want one. Ben disagrees.
  • And finally, the random computer science research paper generator just has to be seen to be believed. Its mimicry is really quite scary. The creators have managed to get a paper accepted at a conference, and fully intend “to go there and give a completely randomly-generated talk, delivered entirely with a straight face.” Brilliant.

About half of those links came directly from Boing Boing, btw. Ho hum. Getting tired now. Had something of a restless night yesterday so I’d best be off. Night!