Charles and Camilla Marry

Just finished watching the royal wedding. It was quite pleasant viewing, actually. As ever I got a bit fed up with the nonsensical theology, but it was interesting to see the royal family all in one place. I particularly liked it when they all piled into buses to be driven up the hill. I’ve always felt sorry for Camilla as she’s been absolutely hounded by the media for no apparent reason. There are continual jokes about how ugly she is, which seems to me childish and bizarre. Not that it matters, but I don’t even find her particularly unattractive. Maybe it’s just in comparison to Diana, but if she’s the benchmark we’re all in trouble. Anyway, I think it’s great that they went ahead. I’ve heard arguments about whether he should have married Diana originally / the role of marriage / religious issues, but how can it be a bad thing for two people to be happy, when it doesn’t harm anybody else?