It’s Friday!

View from my bedroom windowWe had snow earlier (update: and again this evening). Snow. We’ve set up a heater in the office due to the aforementioned broken boiler, which now won’t be fixed until Tuesday. I revised all day in front of the fire, which was cosy although did open me up to ear-nibbling whenever our house-guest woke up. The dog, obviously, what were you thinking?

I bet Prince Charles wishes he’d chosen a different date for the wedding. First there was the obvious prostrate pontiff hiccup, then for whatever reason it was decided that they should “acknowledge and bewail [their] manifold sins and wickedness” during the wedding blessing. What century is it, again? Anyway, at the Pope’s funeral today the future king was presented with a hand to shake, and upon taking it and looking up he discovered it belonged to Robert Mugabe. Tiny little faux pas, there. Mr Mugabe shouldn’t even have been there, incidentally, as he’s banned from travelling within the EU. Good to see that being enforced. Still, hopefully tomorrow’s ceremony will go without a hitch.

Anybody have any exciting plans for the weekend? I feel like visiting somewhere interesting, but I don’t know where as yet…any ideas?