I’m Typing Quickly to Keep From Icing Up

If you visited the blog in the last half hour or so you’ll have seen the results of why you shouldn’t install wordpress plugins without understanding fully what they do. Ahem. All back to normal now, I hope 🙂

Dancing was fun this evening, although exhausting! We learned a turn in the quickstep, followed by a spinny-swappy-handy-move in the jive, then practiced the cha-cha-cha. They’re all reasonably fast dances and I was pretty tired by the end! The energy of youth is apparently an exaggeration…either that or I’m getting old.

Our boiler died yesterday afternoon, and the Man Who Fixes Boilers informs us that an engineer needs to be sent out. They may come tomorrow, or it may be Monday. Thankfully we have the immersion heater for hot water, but there’ll be no heating until it’s working again. According to weather reports there’s a strange type of cold front moving in – the one originally discovered by Frasier Bolokoff – so this weekend may be entertaining.