MSN Login Problem

I’ve seen this on a couple of computers now so thought I’d post it here. If MSN Messenger inexplicably stops connecting you, saying something along the lines of ‘MSN cannot log you in at this time’, when everybody else can logon fine, then this may solve your problem. I haven’t found out exactly what it’s down to, but it’s likely a corrupt image / sound file (it may only happen if you have Messenger Plus installed), and removing the custom content cache of other messenger users will allow you to connect again.

Note: You’ll lose your custom picture in this procedure, so make sure you have it backed up.
Note 2: As of this week (04/04/2005) Microsoft are testing out various security upgrades on the MSN network, and it’s going down occasionally. Check the Status Page for more info.

  1. Close MSN Messenger. You may need to close Outlook / Outlook Express / Three Degrees (whatever that is) too
  2. In ‘My Computer’, go to C: (or your main drive) –> Documents and Settings –> {your username} –> Application Data –> Microsoft –> MSN Messenger
  3. Highlight the entire contents of this folder, then click ‘Edit’ –> ‘Cut’ (you can just delete them if you want)
  4. Minimize the window, and right-click on the desktop. Select ‘New’ –> ‘Folder’ and name it ‘tmp’
  5. Double-click on ‘tmp’ then go to ‘Edit’ –> ‘Paste’ to move the files
  6. Fire up MSN again and see if it’s working now. If not, you can reverse the above procedure and move the files back from the ‘tmp’ folder. If so, you may as well delete it unless you feel like helping me trace the exact source of the problem 🙂

Hope this helps.