Phew. I’ve been dog-sitting for the past 18 hours, and, lovely as she is, I’m now enjoying the peace and quiet. Because of weak labrador hips, Megan’s not allowed on proper walks unti she’s eight months old or so, but short excursions are ok so we wandered down to the park this morning. She’s not terribly used to the outside world, yet. Every time somebody appeared behind us on the street she’d sit down, start barking and refuse to move until they’d gone past. It was quite sweet, but I’m glad most people weren’t up yet 🙂 Bensey and Nod came around last night and dealt very well with the Hours of Puppy Madness between 8 and 11.

While not chasing animals around, we watched Doctor Who. I’m still impressed. It’s very nicely written and there’s a lot for both adults and kids to enjoy – I liked the Cult of the Repeated Meme. Thanks to Lynsey for putting up with it! After that we flipped over to BBC4 as Jonathan Ross had tipped me off to a new version of The Quatermass Experiment. The 1953 original was a six-part series and, as programmes had to be in those days, was broadcast live. The plot involved an experimental rocket ship that veered off course in space and crashed 52 hours later in Wimbledon. I don’t want to reveal too much, but half of London gets cordoned off by the end. Last night’s remake was a two-hour film version and, amazingly, was also broadcast live. I thought it was extremely impressive. There’ve been a couple of ER episodes shown live in the US, and both Coronation Street and The Bill have had special live anniversary episodes, but a two hour sci-fi film? That takes some doing. Crash scenes, press conferences, a newspaper office, live news interviews intercut with pre-recorded BBC newsreaders, a siege… The logistics must have been frightening, especially as it wasn’t real-time. They happily jumped from night to day and location to location, but I honestly don’t think I’d have realised had I not known. It must have been exhilarating for the actors, although also terrifying! I missed a patch in the middle, but didn’t notice anything out of place. Very, very cool.

Oh, and the beard is no more. I got fed up with it on Friday evening, so it has gone 🙂 Oddly, nobody’s noticed yet (not that they’ve said out loud, anyway), so I guess that it can’t have been all that much of a change…